Accounting Services User Guide

This User Guide covers the major elements involved in accessing and using the Pitney Bowes Accounting Services website.

The User Guide is available on-line as several separate HTML pages (see topics below). The User guide is also available as a single PDF document to download [~1.5 MB].

Major topics include:

  1. Site overview
  2. Enrollment (new users): Includes information on initial password, general enrollment process, setting your secret phrase and providing notification email addresses.
  3. Statement viewing
    • Payroll Stub: Directions for accessing current and historical payroll statements.
    • Payment Advice: Directions for accessing current and historical Accounts Payable expense report statements.
    • Sales Compensation Report: (only applicable to sales representatives) Directions for accessing current and historical statements. Also includes suggestions for navigating through detail reports.
    • Sales Compensation Vacation Pay: (only applicable to sales representatives) Directions for accessing current and historical vacation pay statements.
  4. Housekeeping: Includes information on changing your password, secret phrase, or email address(es).
  5. HELP: PB Accounting Services HELP pages. User Guide, FAQs, glossary, and contact information.

If this User Guide did not answer your questions, you might also check the following reference materials:

If you have additional questions not found in the material above, you may contact one of the system administrators.

  • If you are experiencing problems logging on to the Accounting Services website, call the SDSC HelpDesk at 203-922-4444. For pay stub content issues, contact the ESSC HelpDesk at 800-932-3631.
  • For Sales Compensation Statement or Vacation Pay questions, please send email to
  • For Accounts Payable / Payment Advice (T&E) questions, please email to

Site Overview

The purpose of this website is to provide on-line access to your:

  • direct deposit payroll 'stubs'
  • direct deposit payment advices [expense report payments]
  • sales compensation reports
  • sales compensation vacation pay statements

The Accounting Services website is designed to provide your statements to you, via the World Wide Web, at your office or your home. The website is part of a Pitney Bowes effort to improve its business processes, by making viewing of statement more timely and convenient for employees, while making the entire process more cost effective.

The major aspects of the current website include:
  • timely access to statement data
  • email notification when new statements are available for viewing. [You can have notification messages sent to up to two email addresses.]
  • storage for up to 18 months of statement history. [The system started collecting data on October 19th, 2001]

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